Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Keith: Bush targeted Reporters for Surveillance (VIDEO)

According to a former N.S.A. Analyst, Russell Tice, the Bush Administration's surveillance program was far, far, far wider than earlier guessed. The Bush Administration was targeting specific groups for surveillance, especially Journalists.

TPM: Your take #28

Mea culpa.  I confess.  I am reader MJ.  Duh.

Monday, January 19, 2009

BBC: MLK...Negro President in 25 years or less...

Martin Luther King...from a BBC Interview in 1964 (embeding not available), saying that there will a Negro President in 25 years or less...

So he was a little off...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

HuffPo: Are you @#$% kidding me??

Is there any wonder why I remain a Liberal who doesn't like other Liberals?

From today's Huffington Post:

Obama's First Betrayal?

Has President-elect Barack Obama committed his first betrayal? Has he turned away from his most exalted ideals in an act of such spiritual malfeasance that it will condemn his administration?

Some observers cite the fact that the stimulus package contains money for AmeriCorps but nothing for the Peace Corps as evidence that the president-elect has turned his back on his pledge to double the size of Kennedy's most noble child. There is buzz among former Volunteers and others associated with the Peace Corps that the expanded future of the organization is in immediate and dramatic peril.

If this is really what this article is about, we deserve to lose.