Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Michelle Obama's appearance on the Tonight Show (VIDEO)

Part 1 (Michelle saying the President's goregous. President's singing. Mitt's singing):

Just an hour of computer time for Sasha and Malia? Dang.

Part 2 (Malia's cellphone, Politics, and knocking out Al Roker):

Part 3 (Michelle's Book, Let's Move, Jay's vegetable challenge):

The compleat Daily Show Jonathan Macey Interview (VIDEO)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

President Obama's super-quick statement at the Washington Auto Show (VIDEO)

Oh, by the way the President Announces Launch of African Americans for Obama (VIDEO)

Become a "Congregation Captain?" Why...that doesn't sound anti-Christian at all, Newt.

Race Baiting and still more Willing Republicans who go along with it... (VIDEO)

I'm not sure I was with Rachel on this one, but I sure as hell wasn't with Rick Tyler...

I love how Lawrence O'Donnell ended the discussion:  Name the program that Republicans passed that helped African-Americans out of poverty.

It wasn't quite crickets, but...given what Rick Tyler vomited up, it was damn close.

Also, I'm getting sick of Republicans trying to pretend racial hostility to this President isn't a dynamic worming its way through this election. Tyler spent quite a deal of time saying that it was MSNBC who brought it up.

Tyler's answer was similar to Kennedy's appearance on the Bill Maher show last week saying that the Brewer-Obama confrontation was about sexism, not racism.

(Editor's note: Of course, I can't find any video to back that claim up.  The closest I could find is below, where you can see Kennedy getting revved up.)

Despite the lack of video, Kennedy falls into the Willing category, as in willing to provide cover to enable racist behavior.

Anyway, back to the main subject.  That all being said, I wasn't with Rachel on this one. I hate giving anyone a pass, but what Gingrich but it didn't make me cringe.  I kinda stared at him and went "Really? That's what you're going with?"

Remember, I'm an expert at what offends African-Americans, given that I' know...African-American.

You want to see what did offend me? The "jig" comment dropped by Jennifer, a questioner on the Google Hangout earlier this week.  It was replayed on the Daily Show (wait till about 1:59 into the video):

That made me cringe.

President Obama speech to the House Democrats Issues Conference

The Google Hangout with President Obama (VIDEO)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And here we go again: Wisconsin, then Indiana, and now Arizona...

I wish I could be a little more sympathetic, you see know what happens when you vote Republican, or "send the President a message" or sit on your hands on Election Day? You get this:

With a sweeping series of bills introduced Monday night in the state Senate, Republicans in Arizona hoped to make Wisconsin’s battle against public unions last year look like a lightweight sparring match.

The bills include a total ban on collective bargaining for Arizona’s public employees, including at the city and county levels. The move would outpace even the tough bargaining restrictions enacted in Wisconsin in 2011 that led to massive union protests and a Democratic effort to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

“At first glance, it looks like an all out assault on the right of workers to organize,” Senate Minority Leader David Schapira (D) told TPM on Tuesday. “And to me, that’s a serious problem.”

The bills were crafted with the help of the Goldwater Institute, a powerful conservative think tank in Phoenix that flew Walker to the state for an event in November. Nick Dranias, director of the institute’s Center for Constitutional Government, told TPM he sees Walker as a “hero” but that Wisconsin’s laws were “modest” compared to Arizona’s measures.

“In Arizona, we believe that the political will exists to do even more comprehensive reform,” Dranias said. “The environment, the climate that we face in Arizona is much more receptive to these kinds of reforms than Wisconsin is.”

Look at that last paragraph, Arizona. You were pissed off about the Economy, yet the Electeds have chosen only to hear an anti-Labor message from your Vote in November of 2010.

The question is, are you going to let them get away with it?

AARP acts like it doesn't know that's the exact purpose of VA's Voter I.D. Law

From Think Progress:

Virginia is joining the growing number of states attempting to pass a voter ID bill that could jeopardize the voting rights of millions of minorities, low-income voters, students, and seniors. Today, the AARP — a non-partisan non-profit organization for senior citizens — warned state GOP lawmakers that their voter ID bill could disenfranchise a great number of Virginia’s seniors. Noting that “a good percentage — about 18 percent of people 65 and older” don’t have a photo ID, the non-profit said the bill “could mean a lot of seniors will choose to stay home.” Though the bill allows for a provisional ballot if the voter lacks ID, the AARP says the bill “sends a negative message to a powerful block of voters.” “Older people want to stay connected. That is one of their greatest privileges is to be able to vote. We want them to know their vote counts and to encourage them to get to the polls,” stated AARP. Virginia General Assembly’s black caucus is holding a protect the vote rally today in opposition as well.

Ta-Neishi Coates: "MCs act like they don't know..."

Jonathan Chait:

The idea that Romney can "think on his feet," and that Obama is all "flash," expresses a common right-wing trope that Obama is actually an idiot: a charismatic speaker but helpless when not reading from prepared text. That is the basis for the GOP's otherwise inscrutable obsession with TelePrompTer jokes - the TelePrompTer is an extremely common political tool, but many conservatives have come to believe that Obama would be helpless without it. That belief accounts for a major portion of Gingrich's appeal -- he has painted an appealing picture of himself exposing the stammering dope in a lengthy series of debates. Among other problems, this fantasy ignores the actual history of Obama's debate performances ...

And, as Ta-Neishi reminded us...

And let's not forget Baltimore, 2010:

What Colin Powell was in 2008, will Charlie Crist be in 2012?

From Politico:

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said Tuesday he wouldn’t rule out voting for President Barack Obama in November.

Crist — who was a member of the Republican party until 2010 and is now a registered independent — said in interviews with MSNBC and CNN that he would “consider” casting his ballot for Obama on election day.

“Consider? Sure, I would consider that,” Crist said on MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown.” “I really think he’s sincere and genuine. I think we have a lot time, a lot of issues to talk about, but I think, in his heart, he’s trying to do what’s right for the country overall.”

And in an interview with CNN, Crist pointed to the improving economy as a reason he might vote for Obama in November.

Via Alyssa: Justin Long auditions his Mitt Romney Character...

...and does a damn good job of it: