Friday, March 30, 2012

For once, Santorum should've gone with "Anti-Government Blah Person" (VIDEO)

Key point. Rick Santorum does not call our President a N***** int his video.

But he really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, meant to.

I feel very comfortable pronouncing Rick Santorum as a cheap, two bit racist.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

If Claire McCaskill is good enough for @votevets, then she's good enough for me (VIDEO)

Claire McCaskill has been driving me crazy these last two years, tacking right while trying to keep her seat.  She's done it enough to make me not care too much if she got re-elected.

However, if she's good enough for VoteVets, then...

Still mad about Mizzou bustin' my Bracket, though.

ThinkProgress: Comparing the video to Zimmerman's version of event, a helpful graphic

Well, ummm...oops.

The full video can be found here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Uhh, does this guy look like he's been assaulted to you?? (VIDEO)

This is from ABC News. It's pretty sharp-looking video.

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The video might bleed over my format's margins, but Zimmerman doesn't disappear as far as I can tell. A smaller version of the video is below.

Okay, so at least he was detained for a time.

So I'm back to one of my questions. The lead Homicide Investigator says he thought a charge of Manslaughter was appropriate. It looks like Zimmerman was arrested, at least for a little bit.

So what happened after he goes in that door. Because something changed after that, and we still don't know what.

Also, we are being told a story that this man was under mortal assault, fear for his life, so much so that he had no choice but to go for his gun.

You tell me. Is the back of his head bloodied up? Is his nose broken? Does he look like anything's happened to him at all?

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I can't say that these things did not happen, but the very lurid and vivid descriptions provided by Zimmerman's defenders seem to be 100% Grade-A Bullshit.

Questions about the Trayvon Martin shooting...

This list started out with one question, and quickly grew to many. I would love to add more.

This is not a list of political questions, these are all questions that could be (or rather should be) asked at a Legal proceeding, and answered with hard documentation.  The fact that we don't know the answers...and may never know the these questions terrifies me.

In the end, I think George Zimmerman is going to get away with murder, because the Police have hopelessly botched the case.  I also think they hopelessly botched the case on purpose.

Where is the gun?

Where are Mr. Zimmerman’s clothes, along with any physical evidence of an assault?

If you needed these pieces of evidence, now way after the date, could the Sanford Police Department get them from Mr. Zimmerman?

Where is Mr. Zimmerman now? Could the Sanford Police Department find him if they needed to?

Is there any documentation backing up the claim that Mr. Zimmerman was assaulted?

Is there a Medical Report showing that Mr. Zimmerman was assaulted?

Was an ambulance called to treat Mr. Zimmerman because of this alleged assault?

Where there photographs taken at the scene? Of Trayvon’s body, of Mr. Zimmerman’s head and face?

Why did the Sanford Police Department  hold onto Trayvon’s body for three days without identifying him?

Did anyone at the Sanford Police Department make any attempt to look at Trayvon’s phone during those three days?

Who made the decision to hold onto Trayvon’s body for three days without identifying him?

What position was Trayvon found in?

Was Trayvon shot in the back or front?

Were any nitrate tests done on Mr. Zimmerman’s hands to determine if he had fired a weapon? If not, why not?

Were any nitrate tests done on Trayvon to determine how close he was to the weapon that killed him? If not, why not?

If the Lead Homicide Investigator was overruled at the scene as to whether or not to charge Mr. Zimmerman with manslaughter, who overruled him?

Who are the eyewitnesses to the assault?

Does the Sanford Police Department have records of testimony from these eyewitnesses to the alleged assault on Mr. Zimmerman?

What was Mr. Zimmerman’s height and weight at the time of the incident? What was Trayvon’s? (Goes to the relative threat Mr. Zimmerman is alleged to have faced).

What is the status of ALL the 911 Recordings from the night of the incident? Will they be released in their entirety?

Do we have a complete timeline of the incident, collating with hard evidence, because even Mr. Zimmerman’s own alleged account seems to leave out about a minute of time.

And because it can’t be asked enough...where is the gun?

If you've got any more, I'd love to hear 'em.

Now, it's also fair to ask Trayvon's parents some questions, but I'm betting I don't know the answer to these out of my own ignorance rather than a concerted effort to conceal them:

When did you call Police to report Trayvon missing?

Did you hear the shots?

Did you notice the Police activity nearby?

How close was Trayvon to getting back to his Dad's Girlfriend's place when he was killed? (I saw the walk through the father gave on Reverend Al's show, but all the distances were relative. I want to know in terms of feet and yards.)

Was the place where Trayvon was shot actually visible from the Girlfriend's House?

UPDATE: 10:54pm Pacific: Well, I got one of the answers. From Joy Ann Reid at the Griot (Thanks Dirk!)

A source with knowledge of the investigation into the shooting of Trayvon Martin tells theGrio that it was then Sanford police chief Bill Lee, along with Capt. Robert O'Connor, the investigations supervisor, who made the decision to release George Zimmerman on the night of February 26th, after consulting with State Attorney Norman Wolfinger -- in person.

Wolfinger's presence at the scene or at the police department in the night of a shooting would be unusual, according to the source. On a typical case, police contact the state attorney's office and speak with an on duty assistant state attorney; they either discuss the matter by phone or the on duty assistant state attorney comes to the crime scene - but rarely the state attorney him or herself.

Quoting @Lawrence, @CharlesMBlow's fury is a magnificent thing to behold (VIDEO)

Again, Lawrence commits another act of Journalism.

First segment:

Second segment, after the lighting was fixed:

The post-mortem afterwards:

Charles M. Blow's port-mortem apology (which I don't think he needed to give):

And Lawrence's Last word:

"The member will suspend..." (VIDEO)

Here's Bobby Rush (aka the only man to have ever beaten President Obama in an election) getting thrown off the House Floor for wearing a Hoodie in support of Trayvon Martin.

Typical GOP House.