Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Fireside chat for October 24, 2009

The President restates his commitment to small business as key to economic recovery -- from the Recovery Act to Financial Stability to Health Reform -- and pledges more to come.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kos: Whipping The Trigger...

Daily Kos's McJoan has a version of the article I put up a while ago. I think hers is just a bit better than mine.

Here's the Deal on the Public Option, as far as the White House goes...

I'm going to try to explain the White House's rationale...even though I think their rationale is mistaken.

Basically, there are reports that the White House is trying to water down the Public Option to keep Senator Snowe on board. These reports are mistaken, in that, it makes it sound like the White House is trying to destroy the Public Option. They ain't.

To them, the safest path to passage is to make sure that at least one GOPer is on board, because God forbid on the day of the vote, Robert Byrd is sick (as he has been for the last couple of months. I mean, crickey...the man is 96!) and makes it impossible to break a filibuster.

It's a real concern, but it's not worth passing shit legislation because of it.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid thinks he has an angle on getting an "Opt-Out" Public Option through the Senate...with 60 votes...all of them Democratic. Snowe says she's out if its a Opt-Out...which basically means she's only interested in a trigger that never fires. That makes her a worthless snake in the grass, whom I hope the voters of Maine take care of in 2010 (and if she helps scuttle reform, she won't be back).

Erza summarizes:

On Thursday night, Reid went over to the White House for a talk with the president. The conversation centered on Reid's desire to put Schumer's national opt-out plan into the base bill. White House officials were not necessarily pleased, and they made that known. Everyone agrees that they didn't embrace Reid's new strategy. Everyone agrees that the White House wants Snowe on the bill, feels the trigger offers a safer endgame, and isn't convinced by Reid's math. But whether officials expressed a clear preference for the trigger, or were just worried about the potential for 60 votes, is less clear. One staffer briefed on the conversation says "the White House basically told us, 'We hope you guys know what you're doing.'"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama refocuses Bailout on Small Business (VIDEO)

The Telegraph of London is !@#$!%@

On October 14th, 2009, the Telegraph of London published the following:

United States to send 'up to 45,000 more troops to Afghanistan'

The US is expected to announce a significant surge of up to 45,000 extra troops for Afghanistan after Gordon Brown said that 500 more British troops would be sent to the country.

You might have noticed that didn't happen.

Now, the Telegraph follows up with this headline:

Barack Obama's Afghan troop decision delay provokes anger at Pentagon

President Barack Obama's decision to postpone responding to the military request for 40,000 more troops in Afghanistan the after next month's run-off election is heightening tensions between the White House and Pentagon.

Who's upset, exactly? Could it be the Telegraph's source who seems hell bent to leather to push a President who won't be pushed???

Seems to me its a Conservative Newspaper with an axe to grind, who might be made that their earlier bullshit prediction didn't come up aces.

David Vitter...racist (VIDEO)

Courtesy of Wonkette. Senator David "Diaper" Vitter refuses to condemn the Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to marry a interracial couple. In fact, he goes out of his way not to do so, when every other Politician in Louisiana (Republican and Democrat alike) has done so.


Maybe a guy who gets caught canoodling with D.C. Hookers shouldn't be telling other people how to be happy, or who to love.

President Obama's Health Care Web Pitch (VIDEO)