Thursday, February 16, 2012

TPM: They're recounting in Maine (is Romney about to lose another one?)

In relation to this mess, TPM (via Politico) now reports:

The Maine Republican Party is recounting the vote totals from the Maine caucuses which mostly concluded last Saturday when Mitt Romney was declared the winner, reports Politico. Due to a snow storm, Washington County postponed its caucus and will be convening this Saturday to complete it. The state GOP has come under fire from Ron Paul supporters for declaring Romney the winner before all voting was completed.

Rachel asks...just what the hell is going on in Maine?!? (VIDEO)

Both videos for your viewing...confusion:

Tuesday Night:

Wednesday Night:

RFK's grandson announces bid for Rep. Frank's seat (VIDEO)

Hmmm. I forget. Do people with the last name Kennedy have any problem running in Massachusetts?