Saturday, April 3, 2010

Damn straight.

Honestly, what else was he gonna put down?

He may be the world's foremost mixed-race leader, but when it came to the official government head count, President Barack Obama gave only one answer to the question about his ethnic background: African-American.

The White House confirmed on Friday that Obama did not check multiple boxes on his U.S. Census form, or choose the option that allows him to elaborate on his racial heritage. He ticked the box that says "Black, African Am., or Negro."

To White America (I'm looking at you, Rush Limbaugh), this is a revelation. For the African-American Community, it's Saturday.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rachel calls Bull@#$% (VIDEO)

Not the biggest Rachel fan in the world, but she nailed this one.

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The Fireside chat for April 3, 2010 (VIDEO)

In this week of Easter, Passover, and faithful celebration, the President uses his address to offer his holiday greeting and to call on people of all faiths and nonbelievers to remember our shared spirit of humanity.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is everyone just afflicted with short-term memory loss or what?? (VIDEO)

I am still amazed, sometimes, at how short my fellow Liberals memories can be.

A lot of them are decrying, howling in protest, and just plain ol' pissed off with President Obama's decision to allow some Offshore Drilling for Oil. (Not everyone got it wrong, though). My fellow Liberals are claiming that this was a betrayal of a promise he made on the campaign trail.

Except for the part wasn't.

Below is the video from a speech that Senator Barack Obama gave on August 4, 2008, on Energy in Lansing, Michigan.

The money part is about 11:54 into the video.

But to be complete, I have the relevant portion of the text right here. Please tell me where this statement diverges from what was said on Wednesday:

Last week, Washington finally made some progress on [make a serious, nationwide commitment to developing new sources of energy]. A group of Democrat and Republican Senators sat down and came up with a compromise on energy that includes many of the proposals I've worked on as a Senator and many of the steps I've been calling for on this campaign. It's a plan that would invest in renewable fuels and batteries for fuel-efficient cars, help automakers re-tool, and make a real investment in renewable sources of energy.

Like all compromises, this one has its drawbacks. It includes a limited amount of new offshore drilling, and while I still don't believe that's a particularly meaningful short-term or long-term solution, I am willing to consider it if it's necessary to actually pass a comprehensive plan. I am not interested in making the perfect the enemy of the good -- particularly since there is so much good in this compromise that would actually reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
The complete text of the speech can be found here, where the then-Senator says that drilling is basically a bull@#$% solution for short term energy prices. And so it remains. Yet, somehow the American Public is convinced the reverse is true.

I don't want to sit here and say I'm not a little disappointed by what happened, but I knew there was a reason this wasn't a kick in gut. This wasn't a freakin' surprise. Pretending otherwise is just getting sad.

The President's Health Care Speech in Portland, ME (VIDEO)

I hope this worries the two allegedly reasonable GOP Senators from Maine.

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I'll put up the White House Video when it comes up. Apparently, Maine has never heard of the High-Definition Camera as of yet.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"To my colleage, the distinguished nude model from Massachusetts..." (VIDEO)

Maybe Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) is dumber than advertised. After all, there is such a thing as diminishing returns.

Never get into a fight with a gal who buys ink by the barrel...or has a nightly T.V. show (same diff).

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Bill O' of the good guys for once??

Who'da thunk?

What can I say? Sweet Jesus, I hate Bill O'Reilly, but when he does right, he should be praised for it. So, good going, Bill!

The President annouces his plan to expand Offshore drilling... (VIDEO)

This is a mixed bag. This is something he clearly decried during the campaign in 2008, saying (rightly) that expanding offshore drilling won't do anything to help with falling gas prices. With Gas Prices set to spike again this summer, this move will do nothing to address that.

At the same time, with Gas Prices set to spike again this summer, the President just undercut the principal GOP talking point going into the Midterms.

On top of that, Senator Kerry thinks this move may help him get 60 votes for Climate Legislation.

Green shoots III

From TPM:

The upward trend for the Dems continues. But what's new is that there's an upward trend for the GOP as well.

But, you take out the ever-unreliable Rasmussen Poll, and...

Green shoots II???

If things are going well for Democrats in hard-luck Ohio, then...

"You Made History..." (VIDEO)

Not all will agree, but if you are of like mind, this is the sort of video that give your shiver, a good shiver.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The President's Joint Appearance with French President Nicholas Sarkozy (VIDEO)

France and the Rest of Europe love the way Obama does business.

Obama expects Iran Sanctions "in weeks"...

Sarkozy went to Ben's Chili Bowl. He can do no wrong by me.

Signed. Sealed. Delievered. (VIDEO)

I hope some of them college kids on stage got a pen.

I love the French...

Yes, that was French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni going to Ben's Chili Bowl today.

Word up.

The President's Interview on the Today Show... (VIDEO)

Multiple Parts. We start with Afghanistan and Health Care:

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....then we move on to Faith, Family, and Basketball:

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...and finally, the Tea Party and the Political Divide:

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We now mark the third occasion since the creation of this blog where I disagree with the President.

If you've attended a Tea Party rally, I do think you're on the fringe.