Friday, January 29, 2010

Time: Karen Tumulty is a bit of a moron, too...

Time's Karen Tumulty is full of shit, in talking about making the GOP stand up and filibuster:

Also, though some reports have suggested that it is no longer possible to do this under the Senate rules, this is not true. It simply requires the majority to muster enough will and discipline to keep a quorum on the floor. Here's an account of how it worked as recently as 1988. Making them filibuster doesn't guarantee that the majority prevails, but it does require the minority to put up or, literally, shut up.

Yeah. Simply saying its not true makes it so.

I listed out the reasons why what Doris (apparently Ed Rendell) and now Karen are saying is bullshit. (In summary: yhe problem is not the filibuster, it is the cloture vote. Legislation is being killed or yanked during cloture, before Senators get a chance to stand up, speak and try to bring the hall to a screeching halt. Someone needs to tell me where in history did Senators ever stand and talk when the cloture votes, especially when they'regoing down along party lines. It would have helped if it was Karen or Doris, but everyone's too busy being smartasses.)

But if you're going to rip down what Ryan Grim wrote back in 2009 (which Karen called "not true"), howzabout explaining why its not true? Simply saying so doesn't exactly tell me why. I made my points. Why can't Karen.