Wednesday, February 17, 2010

John O. Brennan... (VIDEO)

Granted, I started listening to this speech because it took place at my Alma Mater, NYU. But, while Mr. Brennan isn't the most dynamic speaker in the world, the subject of his speech really wasn't really about National Security. I mean, it was about National Security, but it really started about Islamic-Americans, and in one particularly interesting passage...believe it or not, how racism against Islamic-Americans harms the National Security. (It bears mentioning that the speech was co-sponsored by the Islamic Center at New York University).

The reason I bring this up is that Glenn Greenwald, one of my least favorite Liberals (even though I am a Liberal) tried his level best to make sure this guy didn't get a job in the Administration.

Unfortunately, Andrew Sullivan, one of my favorite Conservatives (despite the fact that I'm a Liberal), jumped on this bandwagon.

Safe to assume neither of them watched this speech. Granted, it wasn't a rhetorical gem, and it certainly wasn't delivered with the President's polish, but give the rhetoric spewing out of Greenwald, and by extension Sullivan, it certainly was eye opening.

And then Mr. Brennan took questions from the audience: