Thursday, April 8, 2010

Julian Bond destroys Gov. Bob McDonnell (VIDEO)

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Why not have a commemoration of Civil War Month, in which you talk about the valor, the honor of soldiers on both sides of the army?

Surely, the Union Soldiers were just as courageous, just as valorous, just as honorable as those who fought for the other side. Surely, they loved their families and homes and defended with the same compassion and interest.

But somehow or another, this blind allegiance to one side—in fact, to the losing side—to the only side bearing a flag which fought the United States and was defeated, but which is regularly displayed all over the United States. We don‘t see Japanese flags, German flags or the other flags of nations we‘ve fought and beat displayed around on the backs of trucks, on bumper stickers, but we see this flag, the battle flag of the Confederacy.

And, as I say, the NAACP, and I think many, many others, think it is time it stopped.