Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jonathan Chait says it for me...

I've been a mite bit depressed about the Washington Post story that appeared this morning about the President's poll numbers (Dad will attest to this). I was going to write something about the general foolishness of the American public, but Jonathan Chait of the New Republic beat me to it:

The poll shows that, among registered voters, 47% plan to vote for a Republican in the House elections, and 46% for a Democrat. (Among voters most likely to vote, the GOP leads 49-45.) At the same time, the poll also shows that the public clearly favors the Democrats over the Republicans. The Post story about the poll leads with the fact that only 43% of the public has confidence in President Obama to make the right decisions for the country's future. That's low. But only 26% have confidence in Republicans in Congress to make the right decisions, which is far lower than Obama, and even lower than Congressional Democrats, in whom 32% have confidence. That's not an anomaly. Asked which party will do a better job of handling the economy, 42% say the Democrats and 34% say the GOP.

So, in sum, there's a crucial swing vote bloc that prefers the policies of the Democrats over the Republicans but plans to vote for the Republicans anyway.

My honest assessment is that the Democrats are going to lose seats, but the only way they lose either of the houses is if Democrats don't show up.

So Democrats? Show the @#$% up.