Thursday, August 19, 2010


The amount of coverage (outside MSNBC that is) of the ending of our Combat Mission in Iraq has been scant. Right now, Newsweek's lead story is about Wyclef Jean's Presidential bid in Haiti. CNN is doing tainted eggs and Dr. Laura. Fox News is doing "Nuclear Iran -- Is it Too Late??" Nothing on Salon, Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times. Oh, the Washington Post has a lead story...sorry, had a lead story for a while there (now it's back to the Park51 bull@#$%). Talking Points Memo, via AFP, rates a mention.

The international press t rates only a little better. Nothing on the Times of London. It's the third story on the Guardian of London at least. The BBC has it at number two, with a side story about Iraq finding it hard to care.

What gets on my nerves more than anything is that this was a clear promise made by the President during the campaign, it was one of the reasons (though not the reason) people voted for him. And now that he's made good on that promise, he's not going to get any credit for it.

Listen, let's not B.S. here. This is a great day. I know a lot of my fellow progressives are still up in arms over Afghanistan (and I'm not sure they should be), but getting out of this mess is a net positive.

Now if we can only find a way to avoid an armed Islamic Reformation, that'd be even better.