Friday, November 11, 2011

What heroism can look like... (VIDEO)

Yes, even here on a political blog, the Penn State Scandal's icy claw can reach in. But this was too good not to share.

To stand against the winds of adversity. To speak against the mob.  Man, that's something.

This may be Veteran's Day, and there may be bolder, more life-threatening, more life-changing kinds of heroism than this, but in terms of what it means to be an American? You'll find few better examples.

And bear in mind, apparently the kid wearing the Dorsett jersey (not a good thing in my mind since I'm a Redskins fan) is a cousin of Dorsett's. All the cheap shots thrown his way? The kid didn't blink. Good for him. I hope he runs for office, because despite his nefarious Dallas Cowboys connection, he may just get my vote..