Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finally, after a painful stink of a Season, Rex Grossman comes through for worker's rights....

Yeah, I can't believe it either:

Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman have no love for each other when they face off as quarterbacks of the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins. But when it comes to protecting the rights of workers in their shared home state of Indiana, they both take the same position.

Cutler and Grossman joined fellow Hoosiers Courtney Roby of the New Orleans Saints, Trai Essex of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mark Clayton of the St. Louis Rams, and Kris Dielman of the San Diego Chargers in sending letters to Indiana legislators opposing the anti-worker bill that is moving swiftly to through the House.

Cutler, from Santa Claus in Southern Indiana, called the so-called right to work bill “a political ploy against workers.”

All the players belong to the NFL Players Association, which formally opposed “right to work” in a statement last week. Unfortunately, anti-worker legislators aren’t listening; they voted the bill, which will weaken bargaining rights and depress wages across the state, out of committee after only six minutes of consideration.

In a few weeks, Indianapolis will be in full spotlight as they host Super Bowl XLVI. With players making their opposition to the pending legislation vocal, workers may be on a very public collision course with anti-worker legislators as February 5th approaches. Protesters have already filled the statehouse and forced the retraction of an ordinance which would keep them out. Watch as Governor Mitch Daniels and his secret corporate backers seek to force a vote as soon as possible – before they have to explain footage of angry protesters to a rapt worldwide audience.

From Main Street, a project of Working America.