Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan Brewer would fall into the Stupid category... (VIDEO)

Rememeber, your choices are Blind, Willing or Stupid.  And we're going with stupid...

From KHPO:

Brewer said their heated exchange Wednesday started on the tarmac with a handwritten letter she gave the president inviting him to come back to Arizona to have lunch with her and make a visit with her to the border.

She said that's when he started criticizing her on how she portrayed him in her recent book.

"I felt a little bit threatened, if you will, in the attitude that he had, because I was there to welcome him," she said.

The governor describes the final part of their exchange Wednesday as disrespectful towards her.

"I believe that when we were in the conversation, I was in the middle of a sentence and he walked away," Brewer said.

Well...maybe not.

Mayor Scott Smith of Mesa, Ariz., declined to say exactly what he heard Obama and Brewer talk about during their now-infamous tiff next to Air Force One.

But the mayor said he was standing right next to the governor when the exchange took place and Obama didn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry to leave.

There was no sense that he was running to or from anything,” Smith told TPM. In fact, he said, the president stayed and had a pleasant conversation with Smith, who’s a Republican, and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, a Democrat.

It was “just the four of us,” Smith said. “Mayor Stanton and I had a decent talk with him.”

The portrayal of a calm, friendly president seems to at least partly contradict what Brewer has said about the encounter in numerous interviews since Wednesday afternoon.

Seriously, the GOP has a major race problem on its hands. Racism is a very good way to win primaries, but also a good way to lose elections.