Tuesday, January 17, 2012

P.R. in Action! Jodi Kantor gives the exact same interview on two different shows! (VIDEO)

Watch, gentle reader, with amazement as Jodi Kantor goes onto two different shows, with two different tempraments, and two different hosts...only to give the exact same interview:

First Lawrence O'Donnell:

And then Jon Stewart:

Remember, in the end, both shows are right.  Ms. Kantor never called the First Lady and Angry Black woman in her book.  That is important to clear up.  Of course, that the first stories to leak out from the book were about arguments did not help.

But my main problem with the book, isn't the reporting, but the fact that Kantor in some parts of the book she used a third person, novelistic, inner monologue to have the First Lady describe her actions and thoughts, when she (ahem) hadn't interviewed the First Lady. That, in my book, is more than a little bullshitty.  If Kantor had stuck to straight reporting, and just told what she learn from Aides and people close to Michelle, I would have zero problems with this book.

Then again, there would be zero controversy for her P.R. people to market, and thus zero reason to go on with Lawrence and Stew-Beef!