Monday, May 7, 2012

Go -- aka, President Obama's new Ad (VIDEO)

Twenty-five million...what again?

President Obama’s campaign spent the Republican primaries quietly amassing a war chest of over $100 million while his rivals dominated the airwaves in swing states around the country. But they’re done watching from the sidelines.

The president’s re-election team is out with a new ad, “Go,” running in nine swing states, as part of a whopping $25 million ad buy this month. To put the amount in perspective, Romney finished March with only $10 million cash on hand.

The ad, which focuses on how the economy has improved from the initial 2008 crisis that Obama inherited, is part of an aggressive effort from the president to remind voters of the dire circumstances the president faced in January 2009. The hope is that by putting his achievements in that context, Obama can overcome Romney’s message to voters still hurting among weak job growth that the White House has fallen short of its goals.

“The president has faced a combination of crises few others have ever had to deal with, all at the same time,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said in a conference call with reporters Monday. “Starting on Day One, he’s made bold and brave decisions to hep our economy get back on its feet and bring our troops back.”

I think Romney is about kaput money-wise until the Convention, when he accepts the nomination. Then he can start soliciting money for the campaign again. And here is the President just swamping him with money.

Remember, between now and Tampa...Romney's campaign can't say or do jack because he's basically out of money.  He's down to $10 million cash on hand, and he's still got campaigning to do. That means until Tampa, the President pretty much can bombard the Airwaves at will.

Mind you, Romney's not broke, he's just hamstrung by a technicality of Campaign Finance Law.  He's got a huge war chest waiting for him...but he can't use it until after Tampa.  That will minimize the Romney Campaign's presence on the airwaves.

...but not the SuperPacs associated with him.

And believe it or not, that may also be a good thing...for Democrats.

The Republican SuperPacs, they are the unrestrained Id of the Party. They can't be coordinated with the Campaign, the same time, they don't get any of the campaign's professional polish.

Basically, there's no one there at the SuperPac going: "You know that idea of yours is totally batshit insane right? Don't do'll hurt the candidate."

But no, money trumps everything...even common sense at times.

There is just as much chance these SuperPacs will do harm to Mittens as well as good.  We've seen what they've done in the Primaries.