Friday, May 18, 2012

In local news: Glendale settles with ex-employee who says he was fired for union stance

There goes $29,000 of my tax dollars because someone in my stinkin' city tried to pull a Scott Walker:

A Glendale employee who claims he was wrongfully fired for promoting a new union has settled with the city for $29,000.

After being terminated in May 2010, Anthony Carbajal filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, claiming he was fired because of his strong support of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18, a Los Angeles group that at the time was pushing to represent Glendale Water & Power workers.

The IBEW and the city have since clashed over a new labor contract, with Glendale electrical workers and their Los Angeles counterparts protesting outside City Hall. The IBEW recently rejected a proposed city contract.

Carbajal’s attorney, David Klehm, said his client was a vocal leader in the movement as he tried to drum up support for the IBEW — making him a political target at City Hall.

But the city maintains Carbajal was terminated “based on legitimate business reasons and that there was no discrimination or retaliation,” City Atty. Mike Garcia said in an email.

Right, that settlement you dropped waaaay convinces me of that.