Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jindal asks for more assistance from Federal Government, doesn't see the irony.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal won't be at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week. With Tropical Storm Hurricane Issac bearing down on his state, this is how it should be.

But at the same time, the Republicans in Tampa are going to be spending a lot of time crying about how President Obama has turned America into a "Dependent State", moaning about the debt (which they ran up), and the role of the Federal Government in general.

When you hear them say that today, again and again...and when you stop rolling on the floor, laughing out load, remember this story. Remember, which of the Republican All-Stars is going to the Federal Government asking for more money.

It's not that Gov. Jindal shouldn't ask for help. He absolutely should.  It's his job

It's that Gov. Jindal doesn't get to turn around and bitch about anyone else asking for Government help...ever again.