Friday, August 24, 2012

Ummm, did Mitt Romney just attempt a BIRTHER joke?? (VIDEO)

No.  Sorry. Uh-uh.  Not having it.

Is this Mitt Romney saying he believes in Birtherism? No.

Is this Mitt Romney declaring he's a racist? No. Not only that, he really hasn't said anything racist at all during this or any previous campaign.  I don't think he's got a racist bone in his body.


Is this Mitt Romney feeding his base, and providing cover for the racists and race-baiters in his Party, who's support he needs going into November??


Listen, it boils down to one cares about Mitt Romney's Birth Certificate, or Ann's.  At the same time, no one cares about the President's Birth Certificate either, except for the racists and race-baiters in Mitt's own party.

But for you to make a joke, about the President's Birth Certificate, implying that he's got something to hide (and yes, Governor Romney implied exactly that in his cough-cough "joke"), and then for him to turn around and deny access to the Tax Returns that every candidate for President, Republican or Democrat combined have given over since the time of your esteemed, and apparently, infinitely smarter Father, ranks you, Mitt Romney, as a hypopcrite of the first order.

Oh GOD, I can't wait to kick this guys ass in November.  Let's get this done.