Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watch in amazement as @ABC News commits Journalistic malpractice right before your very eyes (VIDEO)

This is one of those stories that seems designed and destined to produce mixed feelings in me.  In the end, though, you'll see my feelings are not that mixed.

On the one hand, it's freakin' Ashley Judd.  Big time, actual Movie Star, talking about how she schleps it, like the rest of us Volunteers, hoofing it from door to door on behalf the President in freaking Tennessee!  For that alone, she deserves major, big-time kudos.

But she's the only one who deserves kudos.  ABC News, on the other hand...

Honest to God, WTF??  There is a speech is being made by Former Governor Ted Strickland, and he's absolutely KILLING IT.  This is what would be called, you know...actual news...something usually covered by something called a News Organization, or in the case of ABC News, an Organization with "News" in its name.  But no, ABC News elects to skip actual news, and talk to the Movie Star.


What amuses me so much, is that Journalists seem to get really, really peeved when they see how much (at times) the public truly hates them.  What they never seem to understand is that this is the stuff that makes us hate them.