Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Andrew Leonard also backs me up...

...with something I said earlier in the day. Andrew was talking about how Simon Johnson and Paul Krugman were the first to go apeshit at the President's remarks this morning, but:

It might be worth noting that both Johnson and Krugman dismissed Obama's words that day [when he called Big Bank Bonuses obscene] as politically motivated. Obama is in a tight spot. When he addresses the nation directly and explicitly acknowledges "public anger" he is dismissed, and accused of not meaning what he says. But when sound bites of an interview are selectively reported, they are taken immediately at face value and interpreted as negatively as possible.

It's a modern American political tragedy. We've got a guy in the White House capable of more nuance than anyone in recent memory, and a political culture that can't deal with any nuance at all.