Thursday, February 4, 2010

Game on, Senate Republicans...

Republicans, demanding Scott Brown be seated may turn out to be the biggest mistake you ever made.

Think about it. The Senate is now split 59-41.

There next thing the Senate is debating is a Jobs Bill. This is a modestly priced bill (sorry, 80 Billion in this Economy is modestly priced) that should pass 100-0.

Okay, 80-20. Emperor Demint's wing would never vote for such a thing.

But it may not happen. Why?

The Republicans, after trying to ride this massive wave of populism against Obama and the Democrats are actually thinking of filibustering said bill.

Yes, you read that correctly:

In the middle of a the middle of a weak Economy...the Party of No is going to say a Jobs Bill.

If they do this, the GOP can forget about making any gains in 2010.

And how do you know the Democrats are serious? The vote's scheduled for Monday.

The Democrats know they need at least one Republican to vote yes. They're not arm twisting. They're not back room dealing. They're putting their cards on the table. This is the bill. Yea or nay?

Hold a vote, and it passes? Great. We have a Jobs Bill we can run on.

Hold a vote, and it fails? Great. We're going to run on that vote for the next years and run the GOP into the ground.

Game on.

Oh, and Progressives...if this goes down on Monday, I expect massive, massive apologies to Harry Reid.