Friday, July 30, 2010

Are Tea Partiers Racist? ... an unfortunately ongoing series.

"We have people from all ethnic backgrounds who today are here to talk about how they feel about American constitutional government and lower taxes and lower spending, so I hope all of you in the media today will carry that message back that the tea party movement is all across this country, there are all races involved and all ethnics groups."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They have called us racists. They have called us many names and they have insulted the Americans who are against big government and socialist policies. We do not want a socialist democracy. We want a constitutional republic back to the basics of how it was founded.”

Woodbridge, Va

"I started writing this July 13, while the NAACP was meeting to decide whether or not the Tea Party Movement was a racist organization. I could have saved them a lot of trouble because all they had to do is watch me to find out."

Bob Costa (not Costas, he's a different guy)
Sierra Star

Tito, Dan, Bob...

These are Tea Party Comix. Publisher unknown, and granted some of you are disavowing this crap, but still...they're out there, and they're done in your name:


Talking Points Memo has more, I have to say any more?!?!?!?

First off, as a Warner Bros. Employee (and thus the parent company of D.C. Comics), I'm hoping that our Copyright Office is about to sue their asses off. That is clearly Superboy (the ahem villian of the piece identifies him as such). Plus, that racist icon of the President cuts dangerously close to the Parasite, another trademarked property of Time-Warner, Inc.

...and unless that's Kryptonite coming out of the racist icon's hands, that ain't knockin' down Superboy.

So let me be absolutely clear. The position of this blog hasn't changed since April: if you are a teabagger, I suspect you of racist motives in your so-called, beliefs. I say so-called because I don't think have of you know or even understand the definitions of: Fascism, Marxism, or Socialism. Tito, that moron, clearly doesn't.