Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The President signs Financial Regulation into Law (VIDEO)

Just so you know, the Shirley Sherrod mess isn't the only thing happening in Washington. There was some good news out there, as the President signed the Financial Regulation today.

I don't know it if goes far enough, but its waay better than what we would have had under a Republican Administration. If you want to know what it does for you, here's a handy video:

The video wasn't bad. It's explanation of the history of the Panic of 2008 is pretty on target, though I prefer the salad metaphor instead of the casino metaphor. (Good mortgages were mixed in with bad mortgages. If you chop up 50 good heads of lettuce, and then add in one chopped up head of lettuce with Botulinum Toxin, guess what happens to the 50 good heads of lettuce.)