Thursday, September 2, 2010

We cover the Horse-race, but only if the Fox-approved Horse is winning!

What else is new?  Courtesy Jonathan Singer:

It's interesting. The media hyperventilates over any Gallup polling that finds the Democrats in despair. But when Gallup finds Barack Obama's approval rating jumping a net 12 percentage points in two and a half weeks, with more approving than disapproving for two straight days -- the first time that has been the case since mid-July -- all we hear is... crickets. Interesting.

This is more of a media story than a what's-Obama-done-for-us-lately story. The President had a good week. The Iraq Speech obviously went over way better than the Pundit class would have you believe.

I understand Horse-race thinking when it comes to covering Political stories, but only covering the Horse-race if a certain horse is winning??