Friday, July 29, 2011

The Zombie Speakership...(VIDEO)

At least there was a hint of self-sacrifice in this clip. That tells me John Boenher lacks the brain power of Homer Simpson...and that's saying something.

I said it before, I'll say it again.  The sooner John Boehner realizes his Speakership is over, the sooner we'll get a deal on the Debt Ceiling.

The problem I have is that what Boehner did yesterday and what he is doing today is compounding a waste of time, with another waste of time. The Boehner plan was dead on arrival. The Speaker knows that. It was never going to pass the Senate, and that was the point. But last night it became clear it wasn't even going to pass the House, and instead of accelerating things toward a deal, the Speaker did what was previously unthinkable, he moved his plan even further to the right, by re-adding the Tea Party's demand for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Boehner's plan probably had a puncher's chance of at least getting a party-line vote in the Senate, but add this on, and even that prospect is dead.

So what are we all doing here?

We're basically going through the motions, completely wasting time because the Teabaggers won't compromise, and Boehner is more worried about being Speaker than governing the Country.

Ezra puts it another way:

John Boehner has a problem. He likes being Speaker of the House of Representatives. He would like to continue to be Speaker of the House of Representatives. But being Speaker of the House of Representatives means both leading the House Republicans and compromising to get things done. And in this Republican Party, at this moment, if you want to lead the House Republicans, you can’t compromise to get things done.

We’ve now seen the same farce play out four times. Republican leaders get close to a deal and then, just before they can close it, their members revolt and they have to pull back. The first time was when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor walked out of the Biden talks rather than discuss revenue. The second and third time when when Boehner walked out on the various iterations of the $4 trillion deal he had been cutting with Obama. And the fourth time is playing out right now. Boehner is rewriting his bill so that it links any increase in the debt ceiling to the passage of a balanced budget amendment.

Is that acceptable to the Senate? Of course not. “We simply do not have the votes in this body to enact such a measure,” said Sen. John McCain on Thursday. But that’s sort of the point. If Boehner is to have any chance of passing his bill through the House, he needs to make it completely unacceptable to the president and the Senate.

If that doesn’t make any sense to you — and it shouldn’t — then perhaps it would help if I rephrased: In order to have any chance of surviving as Speaker of the House, Boehner needs to produce legislation that is completely unacceptable to the White House and the Senate. Their opposition is a feature, not a bug. Consider how he sold his plan to Laura Ingraham: “President Obama hates it. Harry Reid hates it. Nancy Pelosi hates it. Why would Republicans want to be on the side of President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi [is] beyond me.”

Why anyone would think that a plan loathed by the Majority Leader of the Senate and the President of the United States would be signed into law is beyond me. And since then, Boehner has moved the plan considerably to the right. But that’s because he’s not legislating. He’s just trying to survive.

It’s not just that Boehner’s party doesn’t like any of the viable compromises on the table. It’s that they don’t like compromise, full stop. YouGov polled this question and found the two parties to be almost mirror images of each other: Two-thirds of Democrats preferred a member of Congress who “compromises to get things done.” Two-thirds of Republicans preferred a member of Congress who “sticks to his principles, no matter what.”

The problem for Boehner is that the country needs a Speaker of the House of Representatives who compromises to get things done. Even if what’s being compromised is his career.

There's a certain element in this country that is intellectually lazy. It is not exclusively an element of the right, because Lord knows I've seen it on the left, too. There's a certain element among the citizenry who just want problems to go away, and will always take the path of least resistance to get there.

My concern has always been that should we go through an apocalyptic 2011, with battle after battle after battle (because don't forget, the Fiscal Year ends in September, and we're going finish up the Debt Ceiling fight and start this nonsense all over again), and the American People will tire of it all. Instead of blaming those actually responsible, they will decide that its just easier to get rid of the President, and that way all the fights will go away.

I hope that doesn't happen, and I'm decently sure that it won't. But I am afraid that a lot of my fellow citizens are stupid enough to think that way.

And if that's the case, we will bring about yet another crisis enitirely of our own making, because the rest of the world is ahead of us. They're looking at the current batch of Republicans, and have decided they're batshit insane.