Monday, August 2, 2010

Are Tea Partiers Racist? ... an follow-up to an unfortunately ongoing series

When I posted the image of the Tea-Party Comix last week, I started off with a collection of quotes from people saying that Tea-Party was not racist. Now, we can add the creator of Tea Party comix to that list:

I do not understand the connection with 'big ears' and 'racism', and I do not understand how a 'dark face' implies racism. The accusation of 'Hate' is true, but it is the hate of an IDEOLGY [sic], not a of race of people..... I understand that the ideology has captured 80 or 90% of the race(s) in question, but it is STILL a AN IDEOLOGY and NOT a "race" that this comic book attacks.

Yeah, he's special isn't he?

He also mentions that the heat has forced him to take down the comics from being on sale.  That or the fact that he used a trademarked image in his comic.