Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Even Jon Stewart can blow it on occasion (VIDEO)

Okay, Jon Stewart had a bit on last night's show about Velma Hart, the woman who I described as the CFO for a Veteran's Organization (Fort McHenry's reporting prowess is amazing, isn't it? It only took two days to get her name right).

Jon kinda lit into the President, at the 4:10 mark, joking how Obama was going to "desperately fish about for something he could claim he helped her with."

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Uhh, Jon?

You do know that Velma Hart...asked the President for just such a list, right?

Yeah, go back to the Town Hall Video and watch it yourself. You can see it yourself.

Now, I love ya, Jon. And I will remain a faithful watcher, and a supporter of the Rally to Restore Sanity...but you did just pull a Fox News there.

Selective editing to make a point, instead of telling what happened, remains a disease in all of our media.