Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The biggest problem in fixing America may be the American people.

Brent McGoldrick is a Senior Vice President with FD, a communications strategy consulting firm. He released a story on, which shows what he believes the electorate is looking for should the GOP take over the Congress.

We find that voters generally believe:

1. A GOP majority in the House will improve overall economic conditions;

2. A GOP House would do a better job than past GOP-controlled Congresses (i.e., the party has learned their lesson);

3. But, voters want a GOP Congress to work with President Obama and Democrats, as opposed to pursuing their own agenda.

Oh my God.

America, are you high??!?

Let me say it slower this time:

Number three is the one that gets on my nerves the most. After watching the nonsense the Republican minority has put us through that the American people would expect the GOP to set aside their own agenda and pursue compromise with the Democrats?

Stupider still is the fact that the President actually pursued Bipartisanship with the GOP when he came in with overwhelming majorities, and was rewarded with exactly jack-squat by these same American people. And the fruits of any bipartisan compromise are not only spat upon by members of his own coalition, but by the American people as a whole.

It's something I've said before. The biggest problem in fixing America may be the American people.

Right now there is a tremendous appetite, on both sides of the aisle for radical solutions. If you're not going to the extreme of something, hardcore Teabaggers or hardcore Liberals don't want to hear from you.

And voices of moderation and compromise, the things American say they want, are crushed in the polls.

And the worst part of it all is the American people don't understand what's happening to them. Yeah, sure some of its the media's part, but there's no ignorance like willful ignorance. And people not only don't understand what's been happening to them, they don't want to know what's happening to them. They have a rock-solid idea of what should happen, and you explain the ifs, the whys and the hows of the way things actually work, they don't care. It should go the way it should go in their heads. Period.

Bill Maher (promoting the return of Real Time with Bill Maher this friday) made a couple media apperances, and made a couple of the same points (I hope Youtube leaves the stuff on here for a while):

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