Friday, September 17, 2010

TPM: The GOP's Lieberman

Well, so much for Joe Miller.

I've been following the Alaska nonsense (similar to the nonsense found in Delaware and Nevada) for a while. And now that her long projected write-in candidacy is about to begin, I think its safe to say that Joe Miller is toast.

Sorry, Eugene.  I'm laying money on meltdown.

Senator Murkowski's write-in candidacy has nothing to do with the odious Mr. Miller, au contraire, it has everything to do with the former Half-Governor, Sarah Palin.  First Sarah runs against and trashes Senator Murkowski's father.  Then she supports Joe Miller against Senator Murkowski in the primary, so this is ultimately payback.

I can't say for sure that Senator Murkowski is going to lose this.  She's got enough name recognition, and goodwill in the bank that she could still win.  But I will go out on a limb and say as of this moment, Joe Miller can't.

He's something else, like with Charlie Crist, should she win...who's she going to caucus with?  On the one hand, her politics haven't shifted in the least, but what will she owe Republicans?