Monday, September 13, 2010

Nancy is about blow it.

For the first time since the President was inaugurated, it is the House that is screwing things up, and not the Senate.

House Democrats won't be forcing a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts for middle class taxpayers, a senior House leadership aide tells TPM.

As we've been writing about today, Democrats are gleeful over a window of opportunity they see just in time for the midterm elections over Minority Leader John Boehner's positions on whether to make the George W. Bush tax cuts permanent for everyone but the wealthy.

That's what President Obama is pushing, and Boehner suggested Sunday he would support such a vote if that were his only option. He walked it back, but it begged the question about whether the Democrats would present such an option with a House floor vote. Will the Democrats force Boehner's hand?

A senior House leadership aide says no.

So with the narrative on our side, with the polling on our side, the Democratic Leadership of the House (yeah, that's right I didn't say Senate, I said House), decides to go stereotypically Democrat.