Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Show/Colbert...the Announcment to end all Annoucements...

Nope, I don't have any inside knowledge. I'm out here, typing away at my small-time blog, and they're out in New York, making with the funny for 1.8 Million people a night, including myself.

But both Stewart and Colbert have been making mention of a grand, mega-apocalyptic announcement that they'll be completing over in the next few months.

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My personal prediction is, and remains: a joint Stewart/Colbert interview with the President.

Now, we have an additional clue as to what the Pronouncement might be from the New York Magazine Profile on Jon Stewart:

Stewart returns to D.C. next month for a week of shows pegged to one prime showcase of the dysfunction, the midterm elections. Small problem: Congress, along with most other professional pols, will be out on the campaign trail (Kaine came to New York last week for his grilling). “Yes,” Stewart says, “when you show up to stick it to The Man, you always want to do it when The Man is not home.”

Again, I have no proof, and I certainly could be wrong. But Tim Kaine will be on the show again (it was mentioned as a possibility in the previous paragraph).

Tim Kaine called. The former governor of Virginia and current head of the Democratic National Committee volunteers to appear on The Daily Show. “How about we have him on when we go to Washington?” Stewart says to Hillary Kun, the supervising producer who books guests.

But you know...a certain someone will be town while everyone else is on the campaign trail.

Just sayin'.