Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The GOP Circular Firing Squad (Delaware Edition)

The funny thing is that I remember Christine O'Donnell from her appearances on the old Bill Maher Show, Politically Incorrect. (And some operative out there should start mining YouTube for this stuff.)

I remember being amazed that she was fairly attractive yet a complete know-nothing all at once. Strange for back then, now in the Bachmann-Palin-Overdrive era...completely the norm for the GOP.

Well, very little of that has changed, except for the fact that she has beaten Mike Castle for the Republican Nomination for the Senate Seat formerly held by Vice President Biden, and his Chief of Staff Ted Kaufman.

Within an instant, this seat went from a safe Republican pick up, to a clear Democratic Hold.

Roughly, and I'll have better numbers (Nate's numbers) in just a little bit, but Rep. Castle's odds at winning election at 86%. Christine O'Donnell's odds? 17%.

In 2008, when the Vice-President was running for both Vice-President and his Senate seat, and everyone in Delaware knew it, Biden still crushed Mrs. O'Donnell 65-35.

So, please get ready to meet your new Democratic Senator from the great state of Delaware, Christopher Coons.

Still, let's not get too cocky. Please give to Mr. Coons' campaign, and give often. O'Donnell is nuts.