Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Steve Benen asks "Where are the adults [in the GOP]?"

An interesting little tidbit Steve Benen noticed in a Politico piece, on the results of the Delaware race:

The Politico item on yesterday's primary results was interesting, if for no other reason because it offers a sense of the deep frustration within the Republican Party establishment about the decisions of its base.

[T]he Delaware results, in particular, were a shock to Republicans who were previously able to find some plausible explanation for why one of their incumbents or top candidates had taken a loss. Castle, unlike Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Robert Bennett, went after O'Donnell aggressively, exposed some damning information about what Rove called her "checkered background," and hadn't been the target of notable dissent within the state party.

But voters shrugged their shoulders.

"People didn't care," lamented one GOP strategist involved in the race, referring to the reaction to reams of oppo research on O'Donnell.

Well, no, they didn't. But that's largely the result of the Republican Party telling its most loyal voters not to care about substance, and to prioritize ideology above all.